Carpaccio of yellow tail with citrus dressing


Fillet Yellow tail fish 300 g
Orange 1
Lime 1
Lemon 1
Bunch of Heirloom carrots 1
Bunch of Radishes Colour 1
Pieces Green asparagus 8
Pieces of artichoke 2
Flowers 8
Pot of Vene cress 1


1. Lift the fish fillets of yellow tail, slice thinly and keep in the refrigerator until ready to plate.

2. Squeeze the orange juice, place into a pan and reduce . When reduced to a glaze remove from the heat, add the lemon and lime juice then add olive oil. Keep aside

3. Peel the vegetables and slice the carrots and radishes thinly.

4. Prepare baby artichoke and place the head of asparagus into boiling water to cook for 2 mins before refreshing in ice water.

5. When ready to serve plate the finly sliced fish and dress harmoniously on a plate, brush with dressing.

6. Mix 1 spoon of citrus dressing on the vegetables and dress them on the fish.

7. Finally place a teaspoon the Attilus caviar on the dish and serve.

Chef Eric Brujan

Executive chef from Le Meridien Hotel Nice, France.

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