ingredients lobster-cocktail

Recipe serves 2

Whole fresh lobster 1
Bergamot orange 1
Freshly grated cauliflower 40 g
Breakfast radishes (shaved) 4
Diced green apple (granny smith) 20 g
Creme fraiche 40g
Lemon bakm 2 g
Bisque dressing 30g
Caviar 20g
For the Avocado puree:
Avocado 1
Lime juice 5g
Salt to taste
Few drops of red tabasco
For the sauce:
Lobster shells
Chicken wings 2
Celery 30g
White or brown onions 30g
Carrots 30g
Butter 20g
Lemon thyme 5g
Pernod / Pastis ( or Ricard) 30 ml
Creme fraiche 20g
Olive oil 10g
Lemon juice 3g

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